Zainab Abbas: Face of PSL

Hopelessly, shamelessly addicted to this sport, that’s what her Twitter bio reads, the passion and zeal
she shares for the game is unbeatable.  

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I met a crazy cricket enthusiast friend of mine couple of days back, we were passionately discussing Pakistan Super League and how it is redefining Pakistani Cricket. We discussed several aspects of the game including commercialization, talent hunts, mass media campaigns and how our youngsters now have a solid platform that they have been yearning for so long. In mere two seasons we have been blessed with Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, Fakhar Zaman and Rumman Raees, who are now rocking the international arenas. However I strongly believe that Zainab Abbas is also a proud offering of Pakistan Super League. This brave young lady is single handedly redefined the norms of cricket in Pakistan.  

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Zainab Abbas is truly reformulating the role of women in Pakistani Cricket, it has always been a man’s sport, but she with her sound knowledge and wit is winning the hearts of many. Moreover we Pakistanis not only watch cricket but also understand the game pretty well, even the common man shares great insight knowledge so it’s hard to survive in the unforgiving world of cricketing fans, but she has never disappointed her fans.  

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Yes we’ve had female sports journalists before in the country but she truly is a pioneer in mainstream female sports journalism, her knowledge and comprehension of the game is inimitable. Moreover who can deny the fact that she turned the tables around for us during Champions League 2017, with her ‘killer selfies’, for that alone I guess the entire nation would forever be in her debt. But on a serious note Zainab truly embodies the spirit of a sports journalist, she has been the official presenter at Pakistan Super League from season 1 and we can’t even imagine PSL without her.  

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Zainab Abbas is pushing the envelope and is an inspiration for aspiring young women who want to make their mark in sports journalism. Moreover she is also a vocal supporter of women and has conducted several programs with women cricketers of Pakistan . She recently spearheaded the Coca Cola campaign of bringing FIFA World Cup trophy to Pakistan, which symbolizes her keen interest in other sports as well. In a nutshell Zainab Abbas is not only a role model for women but for the youth of , she is a live proof of the fact that nothing can stop you if you decide to take the reins of your destiny.