Pakistan Super League Second Edition; Cover Story

  • Pakistan Super League Second Edition; Cover Story

We all saw the pomp and show of opening ceremony held in Dubai. So, for us Pakistanis it was a beacon of hope for the future of cricket in Pakistan, which is by colossal conspiracy taken away from us. Anyhow, we, being very persevering people, took this opportunity as a source of enjoyment in our favorite game… the only game available on national level.

PSL is one of the most exclusive leagues in the world. Comparing to Indian Premier League Pakistan Super League is offering little money, but more excitement. PSL is held at Dubai not in our own country that is a key issue to the league... Pakistan started its league last year and now it’s the second event held in a go which is a baby as compared to other cricket leagues...

Pakistan super league has low budget as in international cricket, India got a big part of income that is almost 450 million dollars and Pakistan and other nations are getting small amount round about 100 million.

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Most interesting part of this riveting event is the participation of 30 international players, which is a huge success.

Other important aspect, for which all Pakistanis look forward to, is that PSL would take cricket back to home as final is going to be held in Lahore (touch wood). We may get a chance to see cricket live in our lifetime.

The teams, auctioned at $93 million, will fight for the title. All teams included:  Islamabad United, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi, will fight for the winning crown.

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All teams will be playing matches in a double round-robin format: where each team will fight with every team twice. After first round only four teams will move for the playoffs, during this process losing teams will have to go home.

The final rounds will be held as tradition demands, where teams with highest points will face each other in the first playoffs. The winner of the first playoff will move to the final, however losing team will be given one more chance.

Then there will be combat between third and fourth playoff, and winner will face winner of second playoff to reach finals.

Jubilation of Pakistani Fans

Finally Pakistani fans have something to rejoice on their favorite game and favorite players. Having international players is like adding cherries to the toppings. As diverse provinces take pride in having their representation even if in the names; it has become a matter of national pride for Pakistani fans. Having favorite teams or players, fans have new spice for discussion now.  

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Cricket has always been a matter of national pride or embarrassment in some cases for us in past. Now the role of this game is even more significant, now it is a matter of national bondage for us, as  its only during cricket matches we- although divided nation, forget if we are Punjabi or Sindhi or Pathan or Balochi or Balti….we push the boat out only as Pakistani. Now, cricket is the only linking force between provinces or people, so let’s celebrate this jubilant event.


  • Raazia Naeem

    Lets celebrate as Pakistanis

  • Kev khawaja

    The article's on point about the subject being Pakistan's voice. PSL is a good break through for all of us and indeed now a matter of pride for the entire nation. I just hope in the end of it all Pakistan comes out to be the one who wins as a whole.

  • Fahad

    Spot-on analysis, We hope, pray and believe that Final will be held in Lahore and International Cricket will return to Pakistan


    It is a reality that PSL is the voice of PAKISTANI nation and would've come to Pakistan. Not just final match of PSL we want to see whole league in Pakistan. As a Pakistani I love my PSL. Hope it will came to Pakistan as soon as possible.

  • Saad Jutt

    Pakistan Zindabaad!!!

  • Azhar Rehman

    Let's hope for the best.... In Sha Allah final will be held in Lahore